Atmospheric Sensor Satellites

NASA Satellites Being Shut Down and Wrecked

I was just talking to a scientist from NASA. He works with atmospheric chemists and designs devices that measure the chemical makeup of the atmosphere at various levels.

The system is global and part of it is satellites that measure the upper atmosphere. It gives information to help understand the greenhouse gasses, global warming, and climate change.

All of the measurements are relative to previous measurements.  You can’t turn them off because when you turn them back on, there is a  gap.  Then, the system doesn’t know the previous measurements to calibrate to and it is useless. The satellites need to be sent up again.

Not only will the satellites become useless, we will have a gap in the data that could last for years plus, the cost of sending up new satellites.

Guess what useless, orange President is shutting them down? The alleged cost savings is dwarfed by what will be necessary to get them going again. It is malice towards scientists and environmentalists who don’t support him or his oil industry backers.

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