Donald Steiny

I Connect the Dots

Over time, I have learned a number of subjects. I mostly “taught myself” in the sense I did not have formal instruction. However, there is nothing I can learn that I don’t learn from others by interaction, books, media …  Every person can teach me something and I respect that about everyone.

Having knowledge in different areas allows me to connect with many people.  I have friends and contacts on every continent (well, only in the Antarctic summer) and I sincerely want to help almost anyone I meet.  Fortunately, being a polymath gives me resources to offer novel ways of accomplishing things.

If you are interested in more detail, I am working on an autobiography.  something that people have asked me to do.

Linguistics – Linguistics is the study of language.  Since we talk about everything it is the core of what makes us human.  Linguists study the sounds, the word order, the meaning, the history, and how we use it to interact and create reality.

Software Engineering – This is how you get the applications you use, what makes the Internet, and even your microwave happen.


Sociology (Social Networks)