People have been encouraging me to write a biography for many years. It is not that I am any more special than anyone else, but that I have been lucky enough in my life to have had experiences and have interactions are worth preserving.  Besides my work life and academic interests, I went to the Monterey Pop Festival, hitchhiked across the US,  studied in Finland and met amazing people in dozens of countries.  The list of people I have met and spent time with is unusual.  Sometimes, people jokingly say, “Donald knows everyone.”

People who are too young to have experienced it are fascinated by the Vietnam War protests (of which I went to many, including the famous VDC marches in Berkeley), the exciting days of Winterland and Filmore where the great 60’s bands played.  I have seen well over 100 of the greatest bands and musicians live including being at one of the famous New Year’s Eve concerts at the Filmore with the Grateful Dead,  seeing Dizzy Gillespie in a small venue, and having Jim Kweskin, Muriel Anderson and others crash at my house.

Professionally, I got to see and be deeply involved when Unix came out of Bell Laboratories into the world and was using the Internet 15 years before most people have heard of it.