PLOS ONE: Placebos without Deception: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Though our mind can only affect certain body processes it can have a lot more to do with healing than we have been able to identify until recently. Evidence based medicine and the idea that the mind has

Illusory correlation, group size and memory

This study shows that if people hear more positive statements about a group, they tend to like them more and if they hear more negative statements, they tend to like them less regardless of any basis for that judgment.  In other words, just bashing “liberals,”

Free Trade and American Values

Some people feel that all the have to do to prove Hillary Clinton is a rat is to show that she has supported trade deals. That does not make any sense. I am linking here to an article that has some useful data about US/China trade.  We hear of

The Men’s Rooms of North Carolina

Now that transsexuals are not allowed to go into the restroom appropriate to their gender in North Carolina, here are a few of the people you might run into in the men’s rooms in North Carolina.

Revisiting Street Intersections Using Slot-Based Systems

This is cool.  Autonomous vehicles communicate with each other so when they brake one will know the other is doing and respond appropriately.  That means that rear end collisions will be all but impossible.  At an intersection, each car would know