Republicans and the Border Wall: Fear Trumps Facts

It is logical to assume that when people use the word “crises” they referring to a big problem.  Of course, the size of a problem is a matter of perception. Right now, the U.S. government is partially shut down because the Resident President has convinced some people that “there is

The GOP is for Sale to the Highest Bidder: Justice Department issues new opinion that could further restrict online gambling – The Washington Post

The restriction, long sought by GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson, could make it harder to expand online betting across states. Adelson is one of the biggest owners of casinos in the world and a fanatical, right-wing libertarian kook. He donates many tens of millions of dollars to Republican candidates.  Note that

Republicans Are in Lock Step With Trump on Shutdown. But for How Long? – The New York Times

In Trump country, even some furloughed federal workers are backing the president’s wall demands, and keeping Republican senators in line as the shutdown stretches on. I had the bizarre experience of being contacted by someone that went to the same (very small) high school I did a few years earlier.

Conservatives and the Radical Right

I have decided that I am not going to blame T*mp, Kavanaugh, and so on “conservatives.” It is fairer to call them the “radical right.” George Will, David Brooks, George Bush, and other conservatives don’t like T*mp at all and believe in democracy. The radical right is intent on destroying