NASA GISS: NASA GISS: NASA, NOAA Analyses Reveal Record-Shattering Global Warm Temperatures in 2015

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So since 2015 was by far the hottest year ever recorded things are going exactly as expected. The so-called “hiatus” never happened. The heat was being stored in the oceans and as the winds and currents change it is being released.  A .23 degree rise in temperature makes the 2° limit on temperature rise look unobtainable at this point.   …

Dragonfly telescope shines a light on dark matter

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This gets a bit farther along the path to making sense of “dark matter.” Sometimes a major discovery – like finding evidence to support the theory of dark matter – just requires a bit of creative thinking over a curry, as Dr Karl explains. Source: Dragonfly telescope shines a light on dark matter

Depression Successfully Treated With 24 Minutes Of Innovative Type of Therapy – PsyBlog

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This is fascinating, using virtual reality to treat depression. I wonder if it could work the other way. Some people I know seem to relate to most everything in the first person. If they see a movie, they imagine it is happening to them; if you make an analogy, they think you are talking about them; if they read some …