Conservatives and the Radical Right

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I have decided that I am not going to call T*mp, Kavanaugh, and so on “conservatives.” It is fairer to call them the “radical right.”

George Will, David Brooks, George Bush, and other conservatives don’t like T*mp at all and believe in democracy. The radical right is intent on destroying it.

Why? Because it is an alliance of the descendants of former plantation owners, plantation owner wannabes, and libertarian nuts like the Koch Brothers. They all believe in a system where there are masters and there are slaves.

The South wanted to form a country that was based on slavery. Almost every other developed country had ended slavery by the Civil War and they believed that the US was going to too. If you read the writings of the intellectuals in the South, they were convinced that slavery was the best economic system and that it was ordained by God (for instance, see the Cornerstone Speech by the VP of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens),

They knew they would be the only developed country that was based on slavery and were eager to have that distinction.

Another current is laissez-faire economics. To make this work, one has to think of society as the interaction of disconnected individuals. “Atomic individualism” or, in economics and sociology, “methodological individualism.” Each individual is working in his or her self-interest and all decisions anyone makes are to better themselves.

This, it is argued, allows the best to rise to the top and justifies social stratification. There is a “moral” component, as well. Some extreme forms of Christianity believe that wealth and power are indications of grace. This justifies slavery, economic inequality, and unwillingness to help the disadvantaged (The basis of this can be found in Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism).

These folks are doing their best to create a society that achieves their goals. They are at war with the country and there is no trick too dirty. They are not conservatives in any traditional sense. They are not trying to “conserve” anything. They are radicals that are intent on overthrowing the country. They have no problem working with Russia if it helps their agenda.

They are open about it, so it is not something that is happening in secret. Most people don’t listen to the leaders of the movement. Read Democracy in Chains, which has copious references to things that people in the radical right have said or written, how it is funded, and who belongs to the movement.

T*mp is not smart enough to be part of it, but getting through all the anti-environmental stuff, rolling back civil rights, tax cuts, and all are part of their agenda and he is a “useful idiot.” How taxation fits into has a lot to do with slavery. There is an academic book on this called American Taxation, American Slavery. It is tough to read because it goes into so much detail on taxes, but he shows how the anti-tax movement is a consequence of slavery.

We need real conservatives on our side. The ones that believe in the USA and don’t want to see it destroyed. By painting all conservatives with the same brush we risk alienating them when we need everyone to rise up against this threat to our country.

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