My Playlist on November 3d, 2018

I change it frequently but this is my current playlist. I have most of these in flac fromat. Name Artist Album The Song Is You Bill Evans & Lee Koni Play the Arrangements of Jimmy Giuffre 5 O’Clock Bells Lenny Breau 5 O’Clock & Mo’ Breau Dinette Angelo Debarre &

A Stranger in Paradise

Jimmy shouted, “Jump!” The flames had shot down the path to the gasoline can in the sailboat cabin. My conscious brain hadn’t caught up with the surge of adrenaline as the cabin blew up like someone had put way too much lighter fluid on a barbeque. His words caught me

Conservatives and the Radical Right

I have decided that I am not going to blame T*mp, Kavanaugh, and so on “conservatives.” It is fairer to call them the “radical right.” George Will, David Brooks, George Bush, and other conservatives don’t like T*mp at all and believe in democracy. The radical right is intent on destroying