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Stronger wind speeds, more rain, and worsened storm surge add up to more potential destruction.

Climate change deniers often trot out the fact that hurricanes are not becoming more frequent as “evidence” that global warming ant the resulting climate change is not happening. That misses the fact that hurricanes are rapidly becoming more intense, lasting longer, and dropping more water.  

For instance, Hurricane Harvey, which inundated Houston, dropped more water than any other storm in us history.  The US Midwest has undergone unprecedented flooding this year (2019)  and Pacific typhoons have unleashed the most power ever recorded. 

This is not surprising and is exactly what was predicted.  As the world becomes warmer, there is more water in the atmosphere.  This water eventually comes back to Earth as rain or snow.

The idea that the climate crisis is going to happen in the future is flat wrong, it’s happing now and will rapidly get worse.


Source: How climate change is making hurricanes more dangerous » Yale Climate Connections

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