Louisiana School Defends Using the Bible to ‘Present Alternative Viewpoints’ When Teaching Evolution

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Louisiana it one of one the most religious states  in the country (#4)  and also one of the poorest.  It seems it is determined to stay that way. What an awful thing to do to the poor kids.  This might be the kind of thing that is causing the rapid decline in people associating themselves with Christianity.


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A Louisiana school district is speaking out in defense of teachers who use the Bible “to present alternative viewpoints” when teaching on evolution, despite claims from secular scientists that teaching Creationism is “unconstitutional and scientifically-misleading.”

Josh Rosenau, spokesperson for the National Center for Science Education, a nonprofit that promotes the teaching of evolution in schools, asserted on the group’s website that “one in eight high school biology teachers advocate for Creationism, even though it’s ‘unconstitutional,'” in response reports that some teachers in Bossier Parish Schools based in Benton, Louisiana, are using the Bible when teaching on evolution.

Rosenau’s comments were a reaction to an article in the left-leaning Slate magazine that reportedly acquired emails from faculty in Bossier Parish wherein a science teacher was said to be teaching about Creationism in the classroom and using materials that included the Bible.

One such email from science teacher Shawna Creamer to principal Jason Rowland at Airline High School allegedly said: “We will read in Genesis and them [sic] some supplemental material debunking various aspects of evolution from which the students will present.”

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Source: Louisiana School Defends Using the Bible to ‘Present Alternative Viewpoints’ When Teaching Evolution

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