On A Slow Boat To China – Swing Ukulele – Gerald Ross – YouTube

I have all of Gerald’s CDs, and when he comes on in my music mix, I alway perk up. His CD’s usually have him accompanying himself on guitar and other instruments. When he comes on my music mix, and someone is here I often say “what instrument is this playing?” People listen and usually can’t figure it out because it is so unusual to have someone playing swing jazz on the ukelele. Especially, doing swing so well.
Sometimes musicians transcend their instruments and Gerald does. Once I was explaining to a friend what I meant by calling a player “musical.” I mean that it is not too far from singing, but it uses the instrument in ways that push it into a realm that makes it more. You have all heard someone that embellishes a song when they are singing it. Sometimes, it works and makes it interesting and exciting. Listen to Eva Cassidy singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Other times, you hear someone trying to do that, and it is painful to listen to. Eva Cassidy is musical. She gets it, in a special way.
I am telling you this because Gerald Ross is in that category. I will be posting other stuff that he has posted on YouTube, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Then get his CDs.


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