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Donald Steiny

Welcome to my site. It has been many years in the making. In a sense, I started it in about 1994.

I have spent many hours fretting about the brand … should I have a separate site for training, business consulting, and other issues. What is the purpose of the site? Should it be about my businesses? Informational? …

I’ll never know how to do it right, but “all the good’s in doing.”

I come from an amazing family. I have four distance “grandfathers” that fought in the Revolutionary War, two uncles and one “grandfather” that were indicted in the Salem Witch Trials, and forebearers that founded towns and cities all over the US, though mostly in California. One branch came to America in 1635, and I even have a copy of the entry document they signed. I have a section of the website on my family. My mom’s mom was a member of the first nationally known country-western band (called “Hill Billy” music then. I can go on and on here, but I won’t. I am adding material to the site. Their lives are part of the history of America and are interesting independent of me, so I am telling their stories here.

Then there’s me, of coourse. Like everyone else, I have different aspects to who I am. I spend 20+ years as a software enginee;, I have worked with many startups; I studied sociology at Stanford and Columbia; got my advanced degrees at University of Oulu, Finland working in the persuasive technology research group; and am a linguist that incorporates my interest in language in much that I do.

But another part of me is that I lived through the amazing ’60s and ’70s in Northern California. I hitchhiked across the country and have seen hundreds of famous rock bands, folk musicians, jazz musicians, and new classical music. I have hitchhiked from Carmel to Big Sur more times than I can count and even met Owsley and partook in his wares. People have been encouraging me to write more about that, and I will. They aren’t the kind of story you would put on a job application, but … oh well.

The most important thing is all the amazing people who have helped me and showed me kindness. The core to who I am is telling their stories, passing on their wisdom, and returning the gifts I have received to the world I live in. Every single person I have ever met has had something to teach me.

If I’m lucky, maybe someday I’ll even get to learn from you.

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