Vowel Key

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SymbolSpellingExample Words
/i/e, ee, ea,eibe, bee, beat, either
/ɪ/iit, sit, inside
/ɛ/ebet, ever, extra
/eɪ/a, ai, ayate, wait, say
/aɪ/ieye, bite, buy
/æ/abat, at, that
/u/eu, oo, ew, u, oetoo, shoe, few, clue, boot, cute
/ʊ/oobook, shook, cook
/o/o, oa, owboat, ever, low
/ɔɪ/oyoyster, royal, boy
/ɑ/a, au, ocaught, cot, father, law

Vowels by Location

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This another way of looking at the location of vowels in your mouth. 

 Front Central Back 
High/i/beat, peak/u/boot, due
/I/bit, pick/ʊ/book, hood
Mid/eɪ/bait, take/ə/of, the/o/boat, poke
/ɛ/bet, peck/ʌ/but, puck/ɔɪ/boy, toy
Low/æ/bat, pack/ɑ/hot, don

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International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Vowel Chart

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General American English Vowel Chart.

International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Vowel Chart

The chart, Figure 1- International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Vowel Chart is the Wikipedia chart for all the vowels. They are distributed to indicate the position in your mouth where your tongue is restricting air (see Figure 3 – Tongue Position for Vowels).  You can see which are open/close, front/back. Where there are two of them, they are unrounded/rounded. On the Wikipedia page there is audio for each of the vowel sounds.

This chart is all the vowels in all the languages.  Not all of them are In General American English. The General American English Vowels are listed in Figure 2 –

IPA Vowel Chart with Audio

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