Altogether Alone – Hirth Martinez – Be The Voice

February 16th, 2021 by

This is a song I have always lked by Hirth Martinez.  Martinez was from East Los Angeles, and never got too well known in the U.S. He had stellar references, Bob Dylan introduced him to Robbie Robertson of The Band, who appears with othe members of the Band on his albums. 

I don’t know much about Be the Voice. They a Japanese band that is doing this song. I like their version and I appreciaate that they sing it with not too much accent in most places.  It still comes through, but she has mastered sounds that are difficult for Japanese. 

Altogether Alone

Hirth Martinez

It came
It came like a thief,  in the night
I happened to be looking
Out through the window
I swear it was brighter than hell
Man, I saw a light, through the window
It was hovering above
The house next door
I froze
I froze like a stone
All alone
I swear my hair stood up
And I said a prayer to end all prayers
I reached for the phone
But the phone was dead
Next the glowing ball turned red
And a voice inside my head
Said, “Boss(Fred), go on back to bed
From now on
You are gonna be able to see
From now on you are gonna be
All at once with peace and harmony
In rhyme and reason altogether alone”
It came
It came like a song
In the day, the way I play
When I get off on a feeling
Of wheeling and soaring through space
Like the word what flows
Like the lover as it explodes
Kicking off the start of time
Rhyme and reason altogether alone(repeat)

This is the original to compare.  Try to sing it.