Republicans and the Border Wall: Fear Trumps Facts

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It is logical to assume that when people use the word “crises” they referring to a big problem.  Since 2010, unauthorized immigration has been dropping drastically, and only about 38% of the unauthorized immigrants entered the country illegally and not all come over the Southern border.

Of course, the size of a problem is a matter of perception. Right now, the U.S. government is partially shut down because the Resident President has convinced some people that “there is a crisis on our southern border.”  He and a band of dilatory Senators are holding the country hostage so that the taxpayers will fund “the Great Wall of Arizona.”

Most people are against the idea, but a significant number support it.  Who are the supporters, who are against it?

Pew Research helps us find the answer to the question.

Well more than half, 58%, don’t think the wall is a good idea while 40% do (about the same number who perpetually think that T*mp is doing a good job.).

Not only are the majority of people opposed to the wall, but those that are opposed are also far less likely to change their position.  88% say that it is unacceptable to pass a budget with money for the wall, while 72% of the people that want the wall find it unacceptable to pass a budget without money for the wall.  That means that more than half would find a budget that funds a wall unacceptable, but just over a quarter wouldn’t go along with passing a budget that doesn’t fund the wall.

You are less likely to want the wall if you are younger; better educated; not-white; doing OK financially.  People who are the most in favor of the wall are usually in places where it will have almost no impact.

Most Border Wall Opponents, Supporters Say Shutdown Concessions Are Unacceptable

For the seventh consecutive year, visa overstays exceeded illegal border crossings.

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