Atmospheric Sensor Satellites

NASA Satellites Being Shut Down and Wrecked

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I was just talking to a scientist from NASA. He works with atmospheric chemists and designs devices that measure the chemical makeup of the atmosphere at various levels. The system is global and part of it is satellites that measure the upper atmosphere. It gives information to help understand the greenhouse gasses, global warming, and climate change. All of the …

Four Steps to Emotional Intelligence

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Wouldn’t you like to be more Emotionally Intelligent (EQ)? New research in the neuroscience of emotions, how your brain works, give you new ways to improve your EQ. Step 1 Rethink What an Emotion Is. Most of us have learned to think of emotions as automatic responses to situations.  We don’t think, “I should be angry now,” we just get …

PLOS ONE: Placebos without Deception: A Randomized Controlled Trial in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Though our mind can only affect certain body processes it can have a lot more to do with healing than we have been able to identify until recently. Evidence based medicine and the idea that the mind has effect on healing are not at odds at all.  This article is a good example of how evidence based practices can be …