How I Work

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I have developed a unique approach that ties together elements from the diverse practices I have been involved with.  In recent years there have been rapid advances in our understanding of how the brain works.  Additionally, we have started to look at methods of behavior change using evidence-based methods and finding ways that work.  There are new discoveries  almost daily, so picking one method and applying it over and over would be missing the possibilities.

As you can see elsewhere, I have been lucky enough to be close to where the advances are happening.  I am able to incorporate them when it is appropriate.

This is not to say that I do not have an overall approach.  The fundamental premise is that in order to change, you have to change. Thinking about change doesn’t cut it. That’s why coaching is especially valuable. It makes you commit to another person to do the things you need to do to change and reinforce that commitment frequently.

It is also important to know what things you can do that will be most effective to get where you want to go.

There are five pillars I use as the foundation for how I work with you.

  1. Our brains are hardwired to do things that are not useful in all circumstances, for instance:
    1. We see patterns that aren’t there — we attribute causes incorrectly, we misinterpret motives, we generalize, and many other such things.
    2. We are much more sure that our memory is accurate than it actually is.
    3. We notice far less of what is going on around us than we think we do.
  2. It is our interpretation of the world around us that we respond to, not the world itself.
  3. When we change our thoughts (our interpretation) we change our responses which can lead to
    1. Better performance
    2. Reduced anxiety
    3. Clearer thinking
    4. Being happier
    5. Reduced stress.
  4. Ourselves, others, organizations, and most of what we experience are socially constructed from the raw materials available to us.
  5. My role is to help you identify the places where your interpretations and helping you see how you are constructing yourself and your world so you have more choices.  It is not like The Secret, where you wish for things and they come to you, but more like Buddhism, where you are more in the moment and see things more clearly.  You’re more free.

The point is to have it be useful so whatever way you want to be more effective, work, relationships, your passion, your health,  your spirituality it is a combination of going towards where you want to be and letting go of the stuff that is preventing you from getting there.

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