Cut Loose

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Anxiety, depression, anger, self-critical thoughts and chronically negative assessments of your life or those of others can weigh us down.

One source of unhappiness is cognitive distortions. These are ways that we understand the world that are distorted from the way it is.

For some people, they are valuable parts of who they are and they are happy to carry them, but for some people, they are intrusive and interfere with other things they would rather do.

Cognitive behavioral training is an effective way to deal with anxiety. I use research-based methods that I have found effective.

The process will consist of us working together to identify the situations that trigger your anxiety.  You will keep a log.

A coach is essential here for two main reasons.

First off, what is happening is that an event occurs then you interpret that as something that should make you anxious.  We can learn that something is not a threat, but the time that it takes for to interpret it is so short that we don’t think about it.  That makes it tough for us to identify what is the actual trigger.

Second, if I tell you that we would like to change negative interpretations into positive interpretations there is a real possibility that you might start searching your brain for negative interpretations you might have.  You might wind up being too hard on yourself without an external guide.

Many people believe that it is their nature to be anxious, angry, fearful, and depressed. “It’s just the way they are” but that is a belief and research has shown that can change.

The first step in developing the kinds of relationships and meet the challenges necessary to succeed in life is to let go of the things that are holding you back from doing them.

You may not need this step but if you are interested in it, contact me and we will get together work out what you would like to see happen with your life.

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