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Some Talks I Give

Roles in Social Networks – How do social networks affect your life?   I don’t mean “social networks” as in “websites,” but the social networks that you live in that give you the information and relationships that make you you.  Usually, you don’t even know they are there, but once you see them, they give you a powerful way of dealing with the world.

Positive Psychology – This is not looking through the world with rose-colored glasses, but the psychology of what makes happy and fulfilled in life.  I don’t just talk about what it is, but also how to do it.

Innovation – People are, generally, wrong about the source of creativity and innovation.  I set it straight.

Silicon Valley – What makes Silicon Valley unique?  Are other regions chomping at its heels? I have several things I talk about it this area. I have been a member of the Silicon Valley Network Analysis Project at Stanford and have studied the region as well as other regions.

Venture Capital and Angel InvestingI have been a member of angel groups for years, have seen many hundreds of pitches, help companies prepare for pitches, and help them with their business plans. I have several talks in this area and they are modified because what we are interested in changes rapidly.

I do these talks with our without PowerPoint and can make them from 20 to 90 minutes.  When they are longer, I give exercises for most of them.

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