Technology Assistance

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  • What technologies will increase your bottom line?
  • How do you decide about investments of time and resources?
  • If you are a start-up, can you get what you need reliably and inexpensively?
  • Can you make the best technology choices for an existing company?
  • How do you support existing technology infrastructure?
  • How can an organization adopt new technology (and transition from the old)?

If you need an answer to any of these questions, I have an extensive background in software engineering, information systems, economic sociology, and communicating technical information.

Most critically, I live 300 yards from the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley,” Hewlett and Packard’s garage and spend most days learning about technology that will be affecting most people a few years from now.

I have a network of experts I can draw from to get a useful answer to many of your technology questions.

Don’t reinvent the wheel or make decisions based on fads and ads.
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