Assessment and Remediation

Have you hired someone to do the website  you company depends on to do business?  Is it late?  Over budget? Are people talking to you in gobblygook that leaves you frustrated with no way to act?

Are you about to start a project that needs databases? Ecommerce?  A website? User interfaces? AI? Analytics? Infrastructure?  Are you staring into a mysterious void, depending on people you don’t know.

I can help you straighten out technical issues with your project, connect you to what you need to be successful, and explain what is going on in terms that are both accurate and understandable.

I can help you with costs by using teams distributed all over the world, each with different skills and all of whom I have learned to trust through experience with them.

Not only that, technology does not exist in a vacuum. Let’s get together and see if what you are trying to do makes sense in the first place. Let’s take the perspective of an investor or a customer. Let’s see if it is a just a cool idea or one that can help you reach your goals.

It doesn’t cost anything to talk. Contact me and let’s see if I can help.