The SF Bay Area is one of the biggest economies in the world

46 states and the District of Columbia have lower GDPs than the SF Bay Area. The GDP of the SF Bay Area was 785 billion in 2015. The only states with a GDP higher than that are Texas, Florida, and New York (and, of course, the state of California, which has, by far, the highest GDP of any state).
The economy of the US was 17947 million in 2015, so we are 4.37% of the US economy and more that 14 times the size of the “swing state,” Ohio. That is just the SF Bay Area.
People in Ohio are consistently huffy about the “liberals” who are “destroying the economy.” The SF Bay Area contributes more than 4 times as much to the US economy than Kentucky, with its 1%, which, in turn, torments us with Mitch McConnell , the evil Kamakazi.
Ironically, Kentucky is a relatively rich state. The, utterly destructive state, Oklahoma, contributes, slightly less, .99%, Another “swing state,” North Carolina contributes a princely .2% of the US Economy or about 4.6% as much as the Bay Area (and about 1.5% as much as California).
The economy of the world was 73171 million, so we are 1% of the economy of the world. There are 15 countries in the world that have a larger economy that the SF Bay Area
California’s GDP is 2424 million, or 13.5% of the US GDP. Number 2 is Texas, which contributes 1648 million or 8% of GDP. The difference is close to the GDP of the SF Bay Area.
Arizona, another problem state, contributes 1.7% of the US GDP, 25% as much as the SF Bay Area or less that 13% of what California contributes.
The GDP of California is slightly larger than the GDP of France, making it the 6th largest economy in the world. Only the US, itself, and China, Japan, the UK and Germany have larger GDP.
California is 3.3% of the GDP of the world. The US accounts for 24.5% of the world GDP with China a distant second. Its GDP is 10982 million, or 15% of the world’s GDP.
When I look at the numbers for the states, it seems unfair that these states that contribute so little, financially, to the world should have the power to relentlessly attack California and the places that support them.

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